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1. I am thinking about opening a business and need to know what, if any, weights and measures regulations will affect me?
2. What is a weighing and measuring device?
3. So I’ve decided to buy a scale for my business. Where do I start?
4. Do I need a commercial scale which is approved and legal-for-trade in order to conduct business?
5. What constitutes a ‘legal-for-trade’ scale?
6. How do I know if a scale is ‘legal-for-trade'?
7. Can I use my new scale for commercial transactions right out of the package?
8. How often do you check commercial Weighing and Measuring devices and gas stations?
9. How much does it cost for me to get my scale tested each year?
10. What steps can I take to prevent being cheated at a gas station?
11. I've seen blue or yellow square stickers on gas pumps. Why are they there?
12. I have a one-gallon container, and I purchased one gallon of gasoline, but it did not fill my container all the way. Why not?
13. Why are there so many options for gasoline octane such as 87, 89 and 93? What is an octane rating and why is it important?
14. What steps can I take to prevent being shorted on a weighing or measuring device?
15. How can I avoid being overcharged at the register?
16. What should I do if I am overcharged?
17. I found out when I got home that I had been overcharged for several items at a local store. The store flyer advertised prices that were lower than what the scanner charged me. What can I do?
18. There seems to be many different ways people sell firewood. What laws do firewood sellers need to follow and how do I know I’m not getting cheated on my delivery?
19. I think some of the commodities I buy don't weigh what they say. Where do I complain?
20. I want to make a complaint, but I don't want the business to know that I was the one who made it. What do I do?
21. I want to make and sell homemade fudge at the farm market; do I have to put a label with the weight on it?
22. When I buy a package of meat in a supermarket do I pay for the plastic tray and the wrappings?
23. In our local paper there is an advertisement for a traveling gold buying event coming to my town and setting up in a local hotel. Are these legit businesses?
24. There is a store down the road that is using a scale with no county approval seal on it. Why wasn’t this scale tested? How do I know it is accurate?