12. Water Quality Sampling

If you are a home owner (newly built or recently purchased) and would like to have your private well water tested, contact the WPA. Options can be determined based on potential environmental concerns, with options ranging from standard Biological Analysis to the Homeowners Package (the water price list can be found here). See also NYS DOH Fact Sheet #3 “Individual Water Supply Wells - Recommended Residential Water Quality Testing.

The WPA has complete water quality sampling and monitoring services through our partnership with Eastern Laboratory Services, Ltd., a NY Certified Laboratory.

The WPA provides water quality sampling services for a vast majority of regulated facilities within the County, as well as sampling services for most real estate property transfers, new well construction and some surface water sampling. A courier service provides delivery and pick up to our office Tuesday through Friday, excluding holidays and the day after holidays.

For all bacteriological samples delivered to the WPA, in order to ensure courier pick-up within the required retention time, the samples should be received at the WPA by 9:00 am, Tuesday – Friday. Unless prior arrangements have been made, water samples should NEVER be delivered to the WPA on Monday’s (or the day after a federal holiday) before 2:00 pm or on Friday’s after 9:00 am.

Our list price for water quality parameters and collection, handling or processing fees for our most common parameters can be found here. Rates for additional parameters not found on the price sheet may be obtained by contacting the WPA.

All samples are typically collected by a representative of the WPA in the field, normally in the afternoon. Contact the WPA to schedule a water sampling appointment.
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