3. Replacing an onsite wastewater treatment system for an existing home

This section is for those homes or facilities that have a failing or under-performing wastewater treatment system and require a new system to be installed. In all situations, a design conforming to all components of Appendix 75-A will be sought and, if reasonable, required. However, due to existing infrastructure, lot constraints, and financial hardship, all requirements in Appendix 75-A may not be achievable. In these cases, the WPA will attempt to issue a construction permit with a sensible and appropriate design within the existing constraints. As with new construction the WPA may require the applicant to hire and retain their own Design Professional. Likewise the applicant may at any to time hire and retain their own Design Professional. For most replacement systems, in addition to the construction permit, the WPA will require the applicant to sign a local waiver and the release of liability form. The cost for the permit is directly related to the need of a Design Professional and can only be made following the site evaluation.
Typical Sequence for a Replacement System
  1. Contact the WPA to schedule a Site Evaluation and to provide the necessary application information.
  2. Conduct Site Evaluation. A backhoe/excavator may or may not be required to be on hand, depending on known soil conditions, past system performance and the reason for failure. Fee Payment Required, tbd. Full Payment due prior to new design. (Make check payable to Schuyler County).
  3. Conduct percolation test if necessary.
  4. Based on information provided in application and the results of the site evaluation, a preliminary design will be drafted.
  5. Professional Engineer Design and Approval. Issuance of “Wastewater Treatment System Construction Permit.” Valid for one year.
  6. See Inspection Instructions for Contractors procedures section for additional information during construction.
  7. Following final inspection a “Certificate of Completion” is issued to the applicant and forwarded to the Town Code Enforcement Officer. A Notice of Non-Compliance may be issued if one or more aspects of the permit where not followed, but is not typical.
Typically, replacement wastewater systems are neither planned nor expected financially by the owner. Additionally, the need for rapid resolution is often required for the owner as well as general public and environmental health. For these reasons, the WPA responds quickly to replacement wastewater system requests and failure complaints, and the preliminary and final design can often be issued within 2-3 days. If necessary, final payment for the Construction Permit may be distributed over a three month period.
Additional Pertinent Procedure Sections:
Inspection Instructions for Contractors