Council of Governments

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Organization Overview

The Schuyler County Council Of Governments is an association of municipal governments and school districts whose mission is to provide a forum for discussion and negotiation leading to agreements for increased efficiency, fiscal responsibility, and improved quality of government services.

In July of 2005, the county formed a Council of Governments (COG), consisting of the chief elected officials from each of the 12 towns and villages, the chief school officers from the two school districts, and representatives of the county legislature (two). After adopting bylaws and selecting officers, the COG has identified a number of areas to collaborate in to accomplish their mission.


The SCCOG’s meets at least quarterly.

Their goals include:

  • Shared Service - Code Enforcement
  • Shared Service - Payroll & Human Resource (policies)
  • Shared Service - Workers Compensation for volunteer fire departments
  • Increase regulation/enforcement with Sticker Shops

2023 Officers

  • President - Rick Lewis, Supervisor for the Town of Catharine (6/22/23)
  • Vice President - 
  • Secretary - Peggy Tomassi, Confidential Secretary to the County Administrator

2023 Meeting Dates: Thursdays, January 26th, April 27th, June 22nd, August 24th, October 26th, December 28th at 6:00 PM in conference room #120 of the Human Services Complex, Montour Falls.