Income Maintenance Programs

 As of April 28, 2020, Schuyler County now has a new, free mobile application (app) available to county residents that enables them to submit necessary documents. NYDocSubmit is a mobile app that provides individuals who have applied for or are receiving Department of Social Services (DSS) benefits, the ability to simply and quickly submit documentation to the DSS. This mobile app is available for download on Google PlayTM or the Apple App StoreTM and can be used to take photos of documents and upload them to Schuyler County DSS.

During this time of COVID-19 restrictions, having the ability to submit the necessary documentation from the comfort and safety of home is essential to continue supporting families in our county. COVID-19 has impacted the employment and income of many county residents. Anyone in receipt of SNAP whose employment has been affected, either because they are currently unemployed or are experiencing a decrease in hours worked, should report these to changes to Schuyler County DSS as soon as possible as it may affect their SNAP benefit amount. A convenient way to report this information is to complete and submit an online SNAP change report form ( If you are now in receipt of unemployment, you can submit proof of this and other documentation using NYDocSubmit.

Over 5,000 applicants/recipients have successfully submitted more than 17,000 documents since the NYDocSubmit mobile app was released.

For assistance, call (607) 535-8303


  • Daycare
  • Emergency Services
  • Employment
  • HEAP
  • Medicaid
  • SNAP
  • Temporary Assistance

When You Apply

You will be given an application and can turn the application in the same day and receive an eligibility interview within in 5 working days.

When you turn in your application, the receptionist will review it with you. If you have one of the emergencies listed below, you will have a short interview:
  • Domestic violence
  • Eviction notice
  • Homelessness
  • Little or no food
  • Out of fuel during the heating season
  • Utility shut off
The case worker will help you with your emergency and / or make referrals to other programs.

Eligibility Interview

During the eligibility interview, the worker will go over your application with you to make sure it is complete and that you understand each question. You will be asked for documents to verify your answers on the application. If you bring them to the interview, the process is much quicker.

You will be asked for:
  • Birth certificates for everyone in the household
  • Social security numbers for everyone
  • Proof of residence and shelter expense like a landlord statement, rent receipt, or mortgage payment
  • Fuel and utility receipts
  • Current pay stubs
  • Proof of all other income, like VA benefits, unemployment, support, SSI, pensions, etc.
  • Proof of resources like bank statements, insurance policies, titles to real property, and / or vehicles
  • Proof of any disability or signed consent for your doctor to complete a medical statement