File a Freedom of Information Request?

The Freedom of Information Law, effective January 1, 1978, reaffirms your right to know how your government operates. It provides rights of access to records reflective of governmental decisions and policies that affect the lives of every New Yorker. The law preserves the Committee on Open Government, which was created by enactment of the original Freedom of Information Law in 1974. (

Pursuant to amendments to Article 6 of the Public Officers Law of the State of New York, the County of Schuyler, State of New York, hereby sets forth the following Rules and Regulations concerning the methods and procedures governing the availability, location and nature of the records of the County of Schuyler in accordance with Chapter 933 of the 1977 Session Laws of the State of New York, as amended, and in compliance with the regulations promulgated by the Committee on Open Government, and hereby adopts same as follows:

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